Armstead Wilson

Great-Great Grandfather of Michael Wilson

The morning of March 10, 1865, would be the hard day for Armstead.  At the Battle of Wyse Fork, North Carolina, he would witness the death of his first cousin Joseph Cox, receive word of the loss of Wm M Smith, and know it was the Army of Tennessee they were facing. The Wilson, Cox, and Smith family roots go back Campbell County, TN and the citizens of Campbell County were in favor of the Union’s cause and overwhelmingly voted against the secession.

Battle of Wyse Fork

Family in E-124th during the Battle of Wyse Fork: Robert H. Smith (1831 - 1907); William M. Smith (1837 - 1865); William Cox (1842-?) Abel K. Cox (1846-1871), and Joseph Cox (1839 - 1865) were first and second cousins of Armstead Wilson (1846-1904); all were soldiers of  E-co, 124th IN UNION VOL who fought along side each other at the Battle of Wyse's Fork, N.C.

Patch of the 23rd Corps with E Company marking

Reunion photo featuring Armstead Wilson (far left)

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