Our Union Ancestors

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Grand Army of the Republic Membership Medal

35 Infantry, 9 Cavalry, 2 Sharpshooters, 2 Artillery, 1 Navy, and 1 Engineer.

Louis Ackerman — Company F, 7th New York Volunteer Infantry

Simon Barcley — 47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry

Thomas Barrett — Company E, 12th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry

John Henry Blade — Company C, 51st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Marcus A. Case — Company E, 1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics

Ira Chubb — Private, Company D, 161st New York Volunteer Infantry 

Ezekiel C. Condit — Company C, 19th Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Patrick H. Cooley — Artillery Company K, 9th New York State Militia Infantry

James E. Desmond, Company E, 88th New York Volunteer Infantry

Obed Gilman Dort — Company E, 6th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry

George Dugan —Company B, 10th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Isaac Sawyer Evans — Company K, 43rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Abraham Frantz — Company H, 199th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Charles H. Field — Company C, 1st Michigan Sharpshooters

John E. Fields — Company G, 10th Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry

Michael Richard Ferris — Company H, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry

Samuel Gillespie — Company E, 11th Regiment Calvary Volunteers

John Gulliford — 20th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Ulysses S. Grant — Commander in Chief

Benjamin Franklin Haught — Company I, 15th Regiment West Virginia Infantry

Nicholas Marshall Hephner — Company D, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry

Peter Hinkes — Company A 45th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Thomas B. Hopper — Company H, 101st Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Franklin Hutcins —13th Regiment, New York Cavalry

Joseph F. Ingalls — Company A, 19th Maine Volunteer Infantry

John R. Kelly — Company G, 105th New York Volunteer Infantry (Western Irish Regiment of Rochester)

Charles C. Knapp — Company D, 23rd Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry

William B. Newman — Company L 14th Brooklyn Engineers and Executive Officer, USS Southfield

Zebina Landon — Company A, 1st Vermont Cavalry

John Lebo — Private, Company H, 210th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry 

Louis Lehanka — Company C, 39th New York Volunteer Infantry (Garibaldi Guard)

Henry F. Leturno — Company I, 111th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

George Washington Martin — Company B, 24th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry

George H. McGrath — Company C, 98th New York Volunteer Infantry

Francis J. McGraw — Private, 1st United States Sharpshooters

Christian Meyer — 10th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Henry G. Milans — Company A, 3rd Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves

Wardroop A. Owens — Company D, 22nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Delos Hector Predmore — Private, Company I, 111th New York Volunteer Infantry

John Diamond Redding — Company K, 12th Michigan Volunteer Infantry

Noah Reeves — Private, Company L, 10th Kentucky Cavalry

Daniel J. Reigel — Private, Comany I, 49th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

John W. Schaeffer — Company M, 3rd Iowa Cavaly Regiment

Thomas Henry Sheppard — Company L, 1st Regiment Michigan Cavalry 

James M. Simpson — Company M, 97th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry 

Richard R. Shimp — Company H, 10th Regiment, New Jersey Infantry

Osmyn Smith — 4th Battery, 1st Batallion, Maine Light Artillery

Solomon Southand — Company F, 14th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry

Frederick A. Stubbs — Company C, 30th Regiment, Maine Infantry

William Gilbert Stratton — Company H, 19th Maine Volunteer Infantry

Richard Adam Virts — Private, Company A, Indpendent Rangers of Loundon County, Virginia

Frederick W. Watkins — Captain Company G, 107th United States Colored Troops

Joseph J. Weinel — Company C, 139th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

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