William B. Newton

The third Great-grandfather of Brother Jonathan Krause.  

William B. Newton

Apl 1861     Enlisted in 14th Brooklyn (for Civil War); trained at Ft. Greene

May 1861    Mustered in as private in company of engineers; 84th US Volunteers

Jun 1861    battle of First Manassas

Aug 1861    Mustered out at Arlington, VA [14th, p.28}

Oct 1861     Appointed Acting Master's Mate, reported at Brooklyn Yard to the Brandywine

Feb 1862    Appointed an Acting Master

Jun 1863    From US Flag Ship Minnesota off Newport News, VA Detached from Brandywine; reported to QM at Fortress Monroe for duty on Southfield in Sounds of North Carolina

Apr1864     Prisoner of war Camp Oglethorpe, Macon GA.

Oct 1864     From Libby Prison, Exchanged at Aiken Landing, VA.

Nov 1864    to the RS North Carolina at New York Yard

Nov 1864    USS Flambeau, Charlestown, SC

Dec 1864    To the Wachusetts at Boston

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