2017 National Memorial Day Parade

IMG 4136

With Ken Burns — parade Grand Marshall

IMG 4138

General Grant (Brian Withrow) and Gen Rawlins with Karen and Dennis Lyddane

IMG 4140

Grant checks out Ken’s Rolls Ride

IMG 4147

Generals Grant and Rawlins

IMG 4148
IMG 4149
IMG 4153

Elizabeth Van Lew Tent Karen Lyddane and Margaret Stromberg

IMG 4156

The Bogino Family, Cynthia, Charles, and Eva

IMG 4157
IMG 4168
IMG 4178
IMG 4180

Grant at the Willard

IMG 4185

CINC Donald Martin at the Willard with Lee Stone

IMG 4188

Julie and Roger Leturno and Ross Schwalm

IMG 4190
IMG 4191
IMG 4192
IMG 4197

Jim Hewes of the Willard Bar has ben our host for every paradet

IMG 4202

Grant meets with a lobbyist in the Willard Hotel Lobby (Karl Lagatie of the Begium Empassy — a good sport to pose for our photo).

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