Point of Rocks Dedication June 23, 2018

Group Photo at end of Ceremony

The Scene at the start of the day

Crystal Monroe and Joseph Monroe at the house she grew up in — the home of her Great Great Granfather Rev John Strachan, Founder of Enon Baptist Chruch.

Front view of the house — only 10 years since the Chesterfield Historical Society identified the building as that featured in a Civil War photo.  This was the US Surgeons Headquarters for the Field Hospital that Lincoln and Grant would visit and Clara Barton would perform her work.

What it looked like in 1864.

The DAR set up bake sale.

The Department of the Chesapeake — with the Irish Rifles and the Army of the James Camp set up shop.  

Elizabeth Van Lew Detatched Tent #1 set up a booth.

Suzanne Townsend of the UDC fratenizes with the Grants (Brian Withrow, and GGGrandson John Griffiths)

Brian Withrow with Donette Bantle, President of the Elizabeth Van Lew Tent.

Karen Lyddane, DUVCW visits with the Sons.

John Neville, SCV, gives Grant a gift.

Two tickets to Ford’s Theater — how thoughtful. :-)

A meeting of the minds.

Suzanne Townsend, UDC, get ready to MC the ceremony.  

The Audience Gathers

A pretty nice crowd

It's standing room only!

Department Commander Faron Taylor confers with Counsel of Administration member Mike Paquette.

Faron Taylor, SUVCW and John Neville, SCV give the dedication.

Donetta Bantle, DUVCW and Ginger Stephens, UDC unveil the monument.

Sons and Daughters leave wreaths.

Irish Rifles, SVR, with members of the 46th Virginina Infanty prepare for ceremonial volley.

Teresa Roane

Theresa Roane, UDC, speaks of the Hospital at Point of Rocks.

Virginia Dare sings Lorena


The Salute


Pipe Major of the St. Andrew’s Legion Plays

Knibbs Battery provides a nice touch to end the ceremony.

Stone Front

The Marker

Stone Back

Those that made it happen.

Grants 2

Brian with John

Ceremonial Rifle Squad at the Stone Marker

Ruth Snead — the leader of the effort from the Chesterfield Historical Society with Suzanne Thownsend and Ginger Stephens of the UDC.

The group — includes CHS members James & Crystal  Monroe; MOLLUS member Jeff Burden; SUVCW members James Standard, Faron Taylor, John Griffiths, Michael Paquette, Michael Beard, Jay Rarick, Roger Leturno, Bob Heath, Howard Bartholf; DUVCW members Donetta Bantle, Karen Lyddane, Jan MacQueston; UDC members Suzanne Townsend, Ginger Stevens, Teresa Roane, Fran Towberman: SCV members John Neville, James Cochrane.

rot© Michael Beard 2015